Tina, Hal’s Tutor writes:

Hal  is a Star!  He is a six year old boy with Aspergers syndrome and ADHD who was excluded from his previous school where he was in a class of nine children.

Hal has worked hard and the progress he has made this year is far beyond what anyone would every have expected. He has turned it around and been given a second chance thanks to his ABA programme. He is a delight to be around and can teach us all many important lessons in life.

We work with him as his class teacher and ABA therapist in a mainstream school and he now follows an ABA programme at school and at home. It is truly a privilege to be able to nominate him so that everyone can celebrate his achievements.

Hal joined our school a year ago after his behaviour had become so bad that he had been excluded from his previous school and his mum and dad had ended up feeling like prisoners in their own home. He was aggressive and had regular outbursts which included spitting, biting and throwing things in anger and frustration.  He could not interact with other people and especially his peers.  More worryingly for a child of such a young age, his self-esteem and confidence were incredibly low.

When people are told or reminded about his previous behaviour they cannot believe it is the same child. Hal is now a valuable member of a team of thirty children.  He not only interacts with  his team mates but he has friends and is seen as one of the ‘cool boys’ on the playground, a place that a year ago he would not have even looked at without getting in a rage.

In the classroom he contributes his ideas with enthusiasm and enjoys listening to other peoples thoughts. He follows our golden rules and also makes sure other children are doing the right thing too. He is exceptionally talented with numbers and has flourished as other children have told him how clever they think he is.