Lewis’s Mum writes:

Lewis recently completed the Dales Way long distance footpath, which runs 81 miles from Ilkley in Yorkshire to Bowness in Cumbria. Although the guide book says that the walk can be undertaken by any reasonably fit family in a week’s holiday, we took 17 days, in chunks spread over more than two years – perhaps something of a record for the slowest ever traverse! However, we spent much time sitting by rivers, having picnics, throwing stones in the water, stopping in pubs and cafes, admiring the scenery and enjoying the walking.

Completing the Dales Way is a real achievement for a boy who, only a few years ago, completely refused to walk at all. He used to throw himself screaming to the ground up to 25 times on the quarter mile walk from our house to nursery. Thank goodness for Child Autism UK!