Please donate to our emergency coronavirus appeal

The Coronavirus crisis has hit our families hard. Children with autism often find change extremely difficult which can lead to severe anxiety and distress. So when schools were closed, it was hard for parents to help their children adjust and make sense to why everything was so different.

Calls to our helpline and messages through social media began to increase as behaviours such as aggression, self-harm and eating issues increased and families struggled to cope.

However as a small charity, we have also been hit hard with the sudden lack of income. Fundraising through events disappeared, we had to cancel our annual fundraising dinner and we have had to furlough core staff. Our service income has dropped to less than a third.

We desperately need your help to continue to support each and every child with autism that needs us during this confusing and stressful time.

Please give whatever you can afford – every penny will make a huge difference to the thousands of children we help every year!

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