ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis) refers to approaches that are developed from a branch of science called behaviour analysis.

ABA is not only used in the field of autism. or autistic children. It is a science that can be used in many areas, such as from dementia to performance management.

Behaviour analysts examine the triggers and the consequences of behaviour. They then develop strategies based on this information.

One of the strengths of ABA for autistic children is that it can be tailored to be child-specific. Child Autism uses modern techniques based on the latest science and our work is based on the values of being child-centred with fun and motivating teaching.


The research shows that ABA is most effective for autistic children when used consistently across environments, therefore we pride ourselves with working collaboratively with schools providing training as needed. Each child will have different needs, some will require a full programme addressing all areas of development, others will need a short programme specifically addressing one key area such as communication or behaviour support.

Child Autism UK offers both a full support and a short term package to target specific needs.

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The Evidence

Behavioural approaches have undergone the most rigorous assessment compared with non-behavioural and eclectic approaches. There are many decades of research concerning the effectiveness of ABA in general and hundreds of more recent studies demonstrating the effectiveness of EIBI (Early Intensive Behavioural Intervention) with young autistic children.

More About ABA

There is a lot more information about ABA and how it can help families with autism. There are a number of scientific and practical studies you can read to find out more.

For more general information, please visit the UK Society for Behaviour Analysis. 


A message from the UKSBA

The UK Society for Behaviour Analysis (UK-SBA) would like to encourage anyone with questions, comments or concerns regarding Behaviour Analysis practice (often known as ABA/PBS) in the UK to contact them at admin@uk-sba.org.   We would particularly like to hear from people who receive, or have received, services, or who identify as autistic.

The UK-SBA is passionate about ensuring practice in the UK is values-led, person-centred and collaborative, and that it is undertaken with the consent or assent of each individual.  The Society continually strives to ensure it meets the needs of those it serves.

All feedback will be gratefully received by the UK-SBA’s Public Protection and Benefit Committee and will be reviewed by an Independent Expert Advisory Group. This new independent and external group will review resulting proposed actions and agree or suggest alternatives. Your valuable input will help to ensure practice continues to evolve positively here in the UK.

If you would like to become even more involved and join our Independent Expert Advisory Group, the UK-SBA would love to hear from you.