Child Autism UK provides services and advice for families of autistic children. Children and their families are at the heart of everything we do and we are committed to helping both achieve a better quality of life.

From short-term skills such as toilet training through to full-time ABA programmes, we’ve helped hundreds of children over the years. Many families have told us that seeing their child make progress, learn to communicate and knowing how to manage their behaviours has been invaluable.

The services Child Autism UK provides for families include:

  • How to teach your child to talk/communicate
  • How to teach your child to make friends, play and other social skills
  • How to reduce your child’s behaviour difficulties
  • How to teach your child better eating habits
  • How to prepare your child for school
  • How to reduce your child’s anxiety
  • How to toilet train your child
  • Training Courses
  • Full ABA programmes
  • Short Term ABA programmes
  • Reports for tribunals
  • VB-Mapp Assessments

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We support families across the UK providing advice for families of children with autism. With over 80 years combined experience in assisting autistic children to realise their potential we are totally committed to helping you and your child by providing you with a high quality service.

Using positive reinforcement and fun learning sessions based on Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), we show parents how to teach their child, manage behaviour and track progress. If you’re struggling with managing your child’s behaviour or worried that they aren’t speaking, we can help with this and much more by giving you the skills you need to help your own child. For those seeking full-time ABA programmes we also provide full training and support for tutors to work at home, nursery or primary school with your child.

ABA is the most established evidence-based approach to autism. It is the standard approach of choice in many countries with literally decades of peer-reviewed research evidencing its effectiveness. We believe passionately that all families should feel empowered to get the best provision for their child, and that all children deserve access to evidence-based learning in order to reach their full potential. For families we work with who are having difficulties negotiating to have ABA as part of their EHCP, we have a number of bursaries available for those that meet the criteria.


Find out how we can help your child by calling our helpline on 01344 882248.