Increasingly companies like to support charities recommended and/or used by their employees.

Community Fund

If your company has a charitable or community fund perhaps you could put Child Autism UK forward as a potential beneficiary.  We are happy to provide additional information to support our case. Please ring us for more information on 01344 882248

Charity of the year

Many companies have a charity of the year, increasingly employees are asked to nominate their favourite charity or a charity that has had an impact on their family or someone close to them. If you company has a charity of the year, please nominate Child Autism UK. If you would like more information to support your nomination please e-mail us or phone our office on 01344 882248

Fundraising as a team

Whether it is dress down Friday or canoeing on the Amazon, fundraising can be a great team building exercise. It can be fun and makes employees feel good about each other and about the company. It can also help fulfill those corporate responsibility objectives.  We can give you lots of ideas