Every year Child Autism UK provides a wide range of information, support and advice to parents of children with autism.  Much of this work is supported by charitable trusts and foundations.  In recent years Child Autism UK has been able to expand its support services and built a new website because of the generosity of the charitable trusts and foundations.  Such support is crucial to our ongoing success and development and allows us to help families release the full potential of their child.

We thank The Louis Baylis Charitable Trust for their kind donation of £500 in Winter 2019, their sixth donation to Child Autism UK. www.whytheadvertiserisspecial.co.uk

Whether donations are large or small, they can make a real difference to families we support.

Some trusts and foundations like to support specific projects or work in a specific geographic area.  This allows us to expand our work knowing funding is secure.  Others make donations without restrictions allowing us the flexibility to decide the services and projects that would benefit from investment.

We are always looking for trusts and foundations that share our vision and want to help us change the lives of the families we help.  We believe our charity has strong governance and accountability and we are happy to prepare detailed proposals for potential funders and provide regular updates.  You can look at our Annual Report on the Charity Commission website. We are always happy to answer questions and supply any information you feel you need.

If you feel your trust or foundation might like to help Child Autism UK deliver its mission and would like to discuss opportunities with us, our CEO, Mandy Williams would love to talk to you.  You can email or phone her on 01344 882248.

In accordance with best practice, Child Autism UK has the following fundraising policies in place:

  • Fundraising Whistleblowing Policy
  • Fundraising Complaints Policy
  • Refusal of Donations Policy

a copy of which can be made available to members of the public by contacting our office.