Child Autism UK has been helping teachers and children with autism at school for over 20 years. Our approach improves pupil’s difficulties in communication, social skills, language, attention, motivation, effective learning and reduces challenging behaviours.

We have extensive experience working with a range of schools across the UK, including primary and secondary; mainstream and SEN; Local Authority schools, academies, free schools and private schools. Whether offering a one off training course or a full consultation package for a challenging behaviour, our aim is always to work in partnership with each school in order to empower staff, and teach strategies that are useful for all children as well as providing specific strategies tailored for an individual child.

The services we provide for schools include:

  • Assessment and ongoing consultation
  • Helping a child to communicate effectively
  • Behaviour Support
  • Increasing social skills
  • Increasing daily living skills (e.g changing for PE, food issues)
  • Creating Autism Units
  • Writing IEP targets
  • Support in differentiating the curriculum
  • Training Courses

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We work in close collaboration with teachers, finding how we can best help, and fitting our services to the particular ethos and value of the school.

We work across the UK and have over 80 years combined experience in assisting children with autism to realise their potential.

We only use evidence-based approaches using methods derived from the application of learning theory.

Find out how we can help your school by calling our helpline on 01344 882248.