Child Autism UK is an autism charity based in Bracknell, Berkshire which provides information and support for parents of autistic children.

One of the main services that Child Autism UK offers is a helpline for parents. Many parents find it difficult to get answers to their questions when their children have problems; they do not know where to turn. Child Autism UK provides information packs and importantly puts parents in contact with other parents who have been through the same processes and now have a positive outlook. When parents first get a diagnosis or feel their child has difficulties they often feel bereft, mourning the child they thought they had. Child Autism UK shows them that significant progress can be made, and helps them move forward.

Child Autism UK has a team of clinicians who work throughout the UK providing behavioural programmes in homes and in schools which enhance communication, social and learning skills,so that children can take better advantage of opportunities in their community and need less support as they grow older. A mum recently told us, “We feel we were given an enormous amount of support and care. You took away the fear”.

Autism is an often complex and a lifelong difference in the way of experiencing the world. It affects the way a child communicates and relates to the world around them. It’s described as a spectrum, which means that children can be affected to different degrees. All children with the diagnosis will be affected, in some way, in the following areas:

Differences in Communication – The child may need extra support with developing speech or meaningful communication, such as understanding gestures, facial expression or tone of voice. The child may take language very literally or find it hard getting the point of a joke.

Differences in Social interaction The child may need more support learning to make friends or to recognise and understandothers’ emotions and feelings. Extra guidance may be needed in learning to express their own thoughts and feelings.

Differences in Imagination –The child may have some differences in engaging in imaginative play, there may be a preference for repeating the same activity over and over or for very rigid activities.  The child may also not grasp the concept of danger or may find it difficult to handle new situations.

Autistic children may experience sensory differences. This may be over-sensitivity or under-sensitivity which prevents them understanding the world they live in: what they see, hear or sense. They often prefer a fixed routine, be averse to change and can have disturbances in behaviour, sleeping and eating patterns. 

Each child has their own unique perspective of the world. Many children have particular strengths and abilities such as an excellent memory. Some grow up to be gifted artists, musicians and writers.

The causes of autism are still uncertain.

Child Autism UK’s work includes raising awareness of Autism and ABA and seeking to maintain and promote professional standards within ABA practice. You can read more about these functions here:

Awareness Raising

Monitoring Standards