Child Autism UK is the largest provider of home based early intervention programmes and ABA programmes in the UK.

The Child Autism UK team are currently working with Warwick University on an outcome study to further illustrate the efficacy of ABA.

The CEO and the Clinical Manager of Child Autism UK are both on the Board of the UK Society of Behaviour Analysts (UK-SBA) which is aiming to get ABA recognised in the UK.

Child Autism UK also coordinates meetings of ABA home providers in the UK so that they can share best practice and share information about local government policy in the current difficult financial climate.

Child Autism UK conducts surveys of parents and service users and feeds the information in to the sector.  We also provide information for tutors and parents on pay and contractual issues for tutors.

We welcome and encourage all tutors and senior staff to join the charity and to work with us to improve communication and UK wide quality standards.

It is important that tutors and case managers who practice ABA are properly insured. Child Autism UK has negotiated a package with Towergate Insurance: Insurance for tutors and case managers. Tutors may want to investigate other insurers that may offer cover. Insurance premiums can vary considerably and terms often change.