A great deal of work is still necessary to raise awareness about the benefits of early intervention/ABA.

At Child Autism UK, we attempt to do this through a number of approaches:

  • Approaching and lobbying central government (such as our submission on Special Needs and Disability Tribunals – download a summary opposite).
  • Meeting with and offering guidance to Local Authorities on the benefits of Early Intervention.
  • Providing media coverage about programmes both in the press, on television and in radio broadcasts.
  • Mounting talks, seminars, conferences and courses across the country.
  • Hosting fundraising events to both raise money for our work and also to spread the word about the benefits of Early┬áIntervention/ABA.

We continue to need support in our campaign to make ABA a real and achievable choice for parents of children with autism.

We aim to increase our programme of events and welcome requests for talks, courses, attendance at local events and fund-raising initiatives.