What Causes Autism?

At this time, there is no agreement over the causes of autism although it is widely believed to have a genetic basis. 

Can Autism Be Cured?

Autism is not a disease it is a different way of processing information and environmental stimuli, therefore questions regarding cures are irrelevant. Some children may benefit from extra support, particularly with communication, social and learning skills.  This support is to help them take full advantage of the educational and social opportunities available in the community. It should be noted that many autistic adults feel strongly that autism is very much part of who they are and while it may a disability,  there are also many positive aspects that should be valued. 

With the right early support, most children can experience significant improvement in their quality of life. You might like to read Sam’s story.  Sam had limited communication and social skills but now he attends school and is very much part of his class. 

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