We offer a range of training courses for parents of children with autism which will support your ABA programme. These courses are suitable also for beginner ABA tutors through to advanced lead tutors.

Many of our courses are also useful for Learning Support Assistants and Child Autism UK provides a range of training courses and services for schools including whole class training.

Training can also be delivered as bespoke courses.

All courses are led by our highly experienced Case Managers. They include practical case studies and examples.

Courses and Future Dates

Advanced Learners

Learn how to teach children the advanced stages of the curriculum
Next Course Dates: Please call

Advanced Tutor Training

Enables experienced tutors to create an optimal teaching environment
Next Course Dates:

Thurs 3 September 2020 9am-1pm

Behaviour Management Strategies

Learn how to help children with challenging behaviour to learn more effective communication strategies
Next Course Dates:

Thurs 20 August 2020 9am-1pm
Weds 28 October 2020 9am-1pm

Early Learners

Teaches the fundamental skills that are essential for the early learner
Next Course Dates: Please call

Effectively Supporting Children with Autism in School

Learn the skills needed to shadow children in school
Next Course Dates:
Weds 19 August 2020 9am-1pm
Weds 2 September 2020 9am-1pm
Thurs 15 October 2020 9am-1pm
Thurs 19 November 2020 9am-1pm

Increasing Motivation

Learn how to increase children’s motivation to learn
Next Course Dates: Please call

Introductory Tutor Training

A two-day course where you will learn how to use ABA theory and techniques to help children with autism
Next Course Dates:

Thurs & Fri 27 & 28 August 2020 9am-1pm each day
Tues & Weds 29 & 30 September 2020 9am-1pm each day
Mon & Tues 26 & 27 October 2020 9am-1pm each day

Lead Tutor Training

Learn the skills you need to be an excellent lead tutor
Next Course Dates:
Please call


Learn how to run successful playdates
Next Course Dates: 
Please note this course is now run within the combined Social Skills and Playdates course. Please see below.

Social Skills & Playdates combined

Learn how to teach social skills to children on the intermediate to advanced stages of the curriculum, and learn how to run successful playdates.
Next Course Dates:
Tues 18 August 2020 9am-1pm