Spread the word and raise awareness– tell friends, family or people in your community about what we do. It is very important that more people get to know about autism and about ABA and we can all play a part in this. Spreading the word within your community is important and easy to do.

When you meet new people it can be difficult to bring up the subject of autism, but if you tell people you volunteer or support a charity everyone is interested and will start asking questions like “What charity?” or “What do they do?”

At this point you can mention autism, ABA and Child Autism UK and their significance in the UK. You can mention that the Child Autism UK helpline is the first contact point for many parents when they first receive a diagnosis of autism.  You can mention that the prevalence of autism is now recognised as 1 in 100. You can also mention that Child Autism UK lobbies Government, works alongside universities on research projects, and offers training to many professionals including teachers.

Your new acquaintance has only asked one or two questions and prompted a huge but interesting response.

Look at our Key Facts About Autism to ensure you have the latest information at your finger tips. encourage parents and professionals to look at our website and find out for themselves. Use Twitter and Facebook to spread the word.