The trustees constitute directors of the charitable company for the purpose of the Companies Act 2006.  Trustees are formally appointed at the AGM but can be appointed between AGMs by the board of trustees.  The trustees appoint a Chair, a Treasurer and a Company Secretary and meet monthly.  Individual trustees lead on particular project areas.

Current Trustees

Ina Chantry

Ina Chantry is Chair of Trustees. She has extensive experience of the education sector as a retired head of special needs at a local secondary school.  She advises the Board on HR and educational issues and has been a trustee since 2002.

Neil Jenkin

Neil Jenkin is Deputy Chair of Trutees. He has a background in finance and business management, as well as having an interest in delivering effective services for autism.

Jonathan Jenney

Jonathan Jenney is Company Secretary. Jonathan runs his own small business providing IT solutions for the legal sector.  He understands the dynamics of running a small business.  He has been a trustee since 2007.  He has a son with autism.

Will Roseff

Will Roseff is Treasurer. He is a successful businessman and a chartered accountant. He has ongoing involvement at director level in large and small businesses. As Child Autism UK’s treasurer he advises the board on finances, risk and strategy.

John Urban

John Urban has 35 years of experience in Treasury Management. He is an active fund raiser for Child Autism UK. Due to family links John was keen to offer his support to Child Autism UK.

Alexandra Beckwith

Alexandra Beckwith is a Board Executive and Global Capital Markets professional with almost 20 years of experience in Financial Services and Corporate Finance. She is passionate about the Behaviour Analysis approach, having studied behaviour analysis at a postgraduate level, and is a strong advocate of neurodiversity at all levels.

Jess Boston

Jess Boston is a parent of a child with autism. She has a background in Marketing and Editing, and is a strong advocate for causes relating to autism.

New Trustees

Child Autism UK would welcome interest from anyone who would like to help with our work.  If you are interested in becoming a trustee, please contact Suzy Yardley by email at, or call 01344 882248, for a follow up call.