The trustees constitute directors of the charitable company for the purpose of the Companies Act 2006.  Trustees are formerly appointed at the AGM but can be appointed between AGMs by the board of trustees.  The trustees appoint a Chair, a Treasurer and a Company Secretary and meet monthly.  Individual trustees lead on particular project areas.

Current Trustees

Catrin Mogilner

Catrin Mogilner is the Chair of trustees.  She has been on the Board since 2000.  She has a legal background and advises the Board on legal issues.

Ina Chantry

Ina Chantry is head of special needs at a local secondary school.  She advises the Board on educational issues and has been a trustee since 2002. She is also Company Secretary.

Jonathan Jenney

Jonathan Jenney runs his own small business providing IT solutions for the legal sector.  He understand the dynamics of running a small business.  He has been a trustee since 2007.  He has a son with autism.

Natalie Robinson

Natalie Robinson is a teacher and has previously worked in marketing and sales.  She joined the Board in 2010 and advises the Board on marketing and fundraising.  She has a son with autism.

Liz Palmer

Appointed in 2010, Liz Palmer is a parent of a son with autism. She works as a Business Development Manager and advises the Board on business strategy and fundraising.

Lorna Papé

Lorna is a barrister and a parent of a child with Autism, who runs an ABA programme. She advises the Board on Special Education Needs policy and processes.

Will Roseff

Will Roseff is a successful businessman and a chartered accountant. He has ongoing involvement at director level in large and small businesses. He is the Child Autism UK’s treasurer and advises the board on finances, risk and strategy.

New Trustees

Child Autism UK would welcome interest from anyone who would like to help with our work.  If you are interested in becoming a trustee contact Mandy Williams at the office by email or call 01344 882248. Those interested in becoming trustees are invited to attend  two or three trustee meetings on an informal basis so they can fully understand what is involved. Existing trustees are always happy to talk about their own experience of being on the Board of Child Autism UK and arrangements can be made for you to have a chat with someone, if you want more information.